GIGALI Curved Battery

GIGALI Special-Shaped Batteries For Unusual Form Factors

GIGALI offers a large portfolio of primary (LiMnO2) and rechargeable LiPo batteries for use in a wide range of applications that require an unusual battery shape, such as smart cards, asset trackers, electronic shelf labels, IoT sensor nodes, medical devices, wearables, and space-constrained devices. GIGALI’s custom solutions are available with a minimum order quantity of around 1000-5000 units, depending on the project.

As an example, the GIGALI battery shown in the product picture has the following specifications and is well suited for applications like smart rings:

  • Nominal capacity: Typ. 22 mAh (21 mAh min.)
  • Nominal voltage: 3.7 V
  • Charge voltage: 4.2 V
  • Discharge voltage: 3 V
  • Charge current: 11-44 mA
  • Recommended continuous current: 22 mA (max.)
  • Max. pulse current: 66 mA
GIGALI LiPo Batteries

GIGALI’s battery offerings include round, ultrathin, rectangular, flexible, and curved cells. These batteries can be specialised for high or low temperature operation or high-power applications, with high energy density (180 Wh/kg, for example), long life cycles (10 years / 2k-20k charging cycles), and excellent safety standards. GIGALI also offers larger battery packs for light electric vehicles and for use with power tools.

ipXchange recommends consultation with GIGALI if you have a project with battery requirements that are a little different to what you can get off the shelf, especially in the LiPo rechargeable space. Fill out the form below and ipXchange will get you connected to start your design journey.

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