Ligna Energy S-Power 2S sustainable supercapacitor

Ligna Energy S-Power 2S Sustainable Supercapacitors

Ligna Energy’s S-Power supercapacitors provide a sustainable, cost-efficient, thin-pouch-type alternative to traditional cylindrical supercapacitor technology in energy harvesting and ambient IoT applications. These sustainable supercapacitors are differentiated from competing technology by their bio-material-based composition that is non-toxic and non-flammable. This makes Ligna Energy’s products a much safer and more environmentally friendly solution that can be easily disposed of at the end of a product’s life. They can also be recycled if desired.

Ligna Energy currently has two sustainable supercapacitor devices in its lineup: the S-Power 1, and the newer S-Power 2S, which features a smaller size and weight than its predecessor while exhibiting twice the performance:

  • Operating voltage – 2.7 V
  • Capacitance – 1.2 F
  • Peak currents – 350 mA
  • Maximum stored energy – 1.2 mWh
  • Internal resistance – 3 Ω
  • Size – 14 cm2
  • Operating temperature – -20°C to +65°C

Ligna Energy can supply sample packs of 4x S-Power 2S sustainable supercapacitors to engineers interested in testing this technology. By applying through ipXchange, we will help you to negotiate the price of this sample pack, using the project details submitted in the form below as evidence of your intent for possible long-term partnership with Ligna Energy.

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