Sykno ViRa24 radar-based vital signs sensor

Sykno ViRa24 Radar-Based Contactless Vital Sign Sensor

The ViRa24 module by Sykno is a state-of-the-art radar system that illustrates the use of radar technology for high-insight, non-contact vital signs monitoring. This has been previously unviable using competing radar technology. Though the ViRa24 itself is not certified for use as a medical device, it allows you to test Sykno’s high-precision technology before working together to design a custom system for your medical use case.

The ViRa24 has been developed for out-of-the-box measurement of the following vital signs from up to 1 m away:

  • Pulse
  • Respiration
  • Heart sounds, with inter-beat interval measurement

By connecting the ViRa24 to an edge computing device, such as a Raspberry Pi or NVIDIA Jetson Nano board, you can use AI algorithms to turn these basic measurements into insights about a person’s stress levels, possible health conditions, and general fitness. The ViRa24 is designed specifically for easy communication with such devices, as well as synchronous references thanks to the 4x analogue inputs and external input jack. This can be used to connect, for example, a standard 2- or 3-channel ECG sensor for data comparison.

Sykno ViRa24 GUI

Sykno supplies the ViRa24 with a software package for immediate access to readings via the onboard USB interface. The graphical user interface enables real-time visualisation of data, both raw and filtered, with automatic offset compensation so that target alignment is not an issue. It can also be configured to display analogue reference data from devices connected to the ViRa24.

If you have a commercial project where the ViRa24 could be a good fit, fill out the form below to get connected with Sykno for evaluation of this exciting radar innovation.

(Images sourced from Sykno)

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