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How to set up Robustel’s R1520LG LoRaWAN gateway

Looking to streamline your IoT setup with Robustel’s R1520LG universal LoRaWAN gateway? Here’s an instructional video to get started…

For ipXchange’s first ipX Tutorial, we were joined by David from Robustel. After filming an introduction to the R1520LG universal LoRaWAN gateway, which also offers cellular, Wi-Fi, ethernet, RS232, and RS485  connectivity, we asked David what it really looks like when you plug the device in.

In this walkthrough tutorial, David shows us:

  • The basics of setting up the R1520LG with your PC and using your browser to access the graphical user interface for the in-built operating system.
  • How to select the WAN (Wide-Area Network) interfaces that you want to be active (4G/5G/Wi-Fi/Ethernet) and how to connect these to the internet.
  • The VPN section of the user interface and when you might want to use it.
  • How to configure the SIM cards for the R1520LG.
  • The inbuilt ChirpStack LoRaWAN network server.
  • How to enable and access the R1520LG using Robustel Cloud Management System (RCMS).
  • The sections of RCMS so that you can understand what’s happening with your gateways in real time and access their location on a map.

David also shows us how to use Robustel’s unique edge-to-cloud software and configure the up-to-8-GB flash buffer so that data is not lost in the event of cloud connection interruptions.

Using this software, the R1520LG enables direct modbus or LoRa data connection to the cloud without the need for additional programming!

Robustel has certainly built a powerful piece of hardware with the software and cloud infrastructure to match, so if you enjoyed what you saw and want to use the R1520LG universal LoRaWAN gateway in your next installation, follow the link to the board page below. There, you will find more technical information and a form that you can fill out to get connected with Robustel for evaluation.

What will our next tutorial involve?

Keep designing!

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Robustel R1520LG Universal LoRaWAN Gateway

You’ve seen the demo, so are you ready to try it out for yourself?

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