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These sustainable supercapacitors will change IoT

Sustainable IoT means nothing if the materials used to build a product still pollute the environment once an item goes to landfill. So what if you had a non-toxic, sustainable supercapacitor powering your batteryless design?

ipXchange has been hot on the topic of sustainable IoT, so we had to get a chat in with Ligna Energy at Embedded World 2024. With its sustainable supercapacitors, Ligna Energy is changing the game when it comes to energy storage solutions for ambient IoT – i.e. IoT that runs on harvested energy rather than disposable batteries.

As John explains, Ligna Energy’s supercapacitors push the bio-based and recyclable composition of such devices to the limit. This makes for much more sustainable supercapacitors that are not toxic to humans or the environment when an end product is eventually disposed of. Ligna Energy also produces its supercapacitors in a pouch-type format, meaning that far less material is used overall, adding to the sustainability of its devices.

Additionally, Ligna Energy’s sustainable supercapacitors are produced in such a way that aims for the lowest CO2 emissions, further minimising impact on the environment at a time where many would say that we are at a tipping point.

That said, Ligna Energy’s supercapacitors still pack a punch, with its most popular device – the S-Power 2S – boasting 1.2 F capacitance and supporting up to 350 mA peak currents.

John then shows us some ambient IoT demonstrations of Ligna Energy’s sustainable supercapacitor in action. The first combines Ligna Energy’s technology with an Epishine PV cell and a Senseair sensor to provide CO2 and temperature warnings on a small display.

The second uses the sustainable supercapacitor as a power source for an art tracker and tamper detector.

John also shows the smaller sustainable supercapacitor in an RF energy harvesting reference card. Though this is simply a proof of concept, it shows how compact or thin you can make ambient IoT devices by using Ligna Energy’s sustainable supercapacitors rather than bulky cylindrical alternatives.

Ligna Energy is currently looking to find customers who want a more sustainable solution for energy storage in energy harvesting applications, and with samples available, Ligna Energy’s sustainable supercapacitors look like another essential part of the puzzle towards a sustainable batteryless IoT.

As usual, ipXchange has produced a technical writeup that you can find by following the link to the board page below. If you have a commercial project, apply to evaluate these sustainable supercapacitors today, and we’ll get you connected with Ligna Energy.

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Ligna Energy S-Power 2S Sustainable Supercapacitors

Looking to take your IoT sustainability to the next level for energy harvesting builds?

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