To Drop or Not to Drop: That’s the Question

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Submitted by Timo Reinhardt on June 18, 2024

Imagine you’re about to send a sensitive shipment via a carrier service. You’ve meticulously labeled it as “FRAGILE,” expecting that your parts will be handled with utmost care. However, upon arrival, your customer discovers that the part is broken. What happened during shipment?

ScioSense is proud of its highly sensitive sensor designed for environmental pressure range. It can detect air pressure differences translated into centimeters, with an impressive output data rate of around 1 kHz. Leveraging these features and incorporating a clever algorithm, we can now analyze and detect drop events—whether it’s a parcel falling or even a person (imagine the sensor mounted in a wristband)— while providing information about the fall height.

In contrast, conventional sensors rely on expensive inertial measurement units (IMUs). While they offer acceleration and motion data, they fall short in providing precise fall height information. Additionally, analyzing events where the object rotates during the fall becomes challenging with traditional sensors.

ScioSense’s patented algorithm harnesses the speed and sensitivity of the ENS220 pressure sensor, yielding reliable and exact results. You can witness our demonstrator box and application in action through the video introduced by Eamon and Fabrizio.

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