Renata Batteries CP042350 3 V Thin-Film Primary Battery Sample

Renata Batteries’ 3 V thin-film primary (non-rechargeable) batteries provide a reliable, space-saving energy source for discrete applications such as wearable medical devices, electronic shelf labels, asset-tracking tags, smart cards, and intelligent textiles. Renata’s latest lithium manganese dioxide formulation allows energy densities twice that of comparable market-ready alternatives, with long-term deployments supported by a discharge rate of less than 5% annually when stored at 23°C.

The CP042350 has a capacity of 28 mAh and measures 50.1 x 23.1 x 0.42 mm with an approximate weight of 0.86 g. These devices boast high durability, surviving >1000 flex tests at a bend radius of 25 mm. Custom sizes can be developed through consultation with Renata Batteries, and a rechargeable version of this product is currently in development. Peak discharge currents of 0.625 mA (continuous) and 12.5 mA (non-continuous) support periodic high-intensity operation in an end device – e.g., sending a Bluetooth pulse as a medical alert – and an operating temperature of -40°C to +60°C means that these batteries can be used in a wide variety of environments, including for industrial applications.

More information about these thin-film batteries can be found in this datasheet, but if you’re already sold on this innovative technology, use the form below to apply for a sample for use in a commercial project.

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