Terms and Conditions

ipXchange is a service which connects professional design engineers to development boards and other evaluation tools which help them discover and use new electronics components. The service is free for design engineers to use.

Development boards are provided free to professional design engineers for use in connection with a commercial product development project. To enable ipXchange to qualify applications for free boards and to confirm that the intended use is for a commercial project, the site asks applicants to complete an application form. ipXchange stores and uses the data provided in the application form to qualify the application. The data may also be used by ipXchange for sales and marketing purposes, including to support the applicant in the use of the board, the component(s) which the board supports, and associated, similar or related components which ipXchange believes might be of use to the applicant.

ipXchange bears no legal liability for the operation of the boards which it ships to users of the site. Replacement or repair of faulty or broken boards will be at ipXchange’s discretion.

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