Senseair Sunlight CO2 & Sunrise Evaluation Kit

Senseair Sunlight CO2 is a nondispersive infrared carbon dioxide sensor with optical solid state design, advertising an ultra-low 80 mA average current without sacrificing reading efficiency, as the sensor boasts highly precise +50 ppm + 3% of the reading (+10% of the reading at extended range). A huge benefit in wireless applications is the self-correction the sensor offers to ensure future-proof accuracy for the next 15 years.

In terms of testing the technology, the Sunrise Evaluation Kit is a configuration and test utility to assist engineers in working with the Senseair Sunrise platform. The program UIP5 gives users access to the main features of the connected product, and there is also the option to configure, log, and test possibilities.

The contents of the evaluation kit, as seen in the adjacent image, include a sunrise gas sensor with a communication interface, USB Cable, and a simple IKEA-type step-by-step installation manual.

(Image sourced from Senseair)

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