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4-mic voice processor features state-of-the-art algorithms for clearest audio in conferencing platforms

There are more algorithms at work in another ipXchange interview from Embedded World, this time with XMOS, who were showcasing their up-and-coming XVF3800 Voice Processor. As David tells us, this latest voice processor enhances audio performance in conferencing applications such as the Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls we have grown used to since the Pandemic.

Using XMOS’ cutting-edge audio algorithms, the XVF3800 is able to suppress background noise, cancel echo and room reverberations, and automatically adjust the level for participants near and far from the conference device to ensure the highest clarity of voice. The end result is an auditory experience that feels much closer to sharing the same room.

XMOS XK-VOICE-SQ66 Dev Kit For XVF3800 Voice Processor

Learn more about this cost-optimised voice processor here, where you can also apply to evaluate the technology if you’re interested in using the XVF3800 in a commercial design:

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