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A compact SBC + FPGA board for easy integration of diagnostic testing into your industrial design

And through the magic of an Embedded World interview, ipXchange finally talks about Red Pitaya. In this video, Miha shows us the out-of-the-box testing-and-measurement capabilities of Red Pitaya’s devices, which they rightly refer to as a Swiss Army Knife for engineers.

Once connected to the internet, these open-source boards offer the user access to oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analysers, LCR meters, vector network analysers, and more. These tools come free with the hardware and do not require software installation to get started.

Red Pitaya boards can also be controlled remotely over LAN or wireless networks using familiar research-level languages such as Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW. Integrating one of these boards into an aerospace, automotive, or medical device means that engineers can remotely access readings to check on performance during deployments. Boards can also be daisy-chained for more demanding applications.

The open-source nature of Red Pitaya’s boards also allows users to turn their pocket-sized multi-instrument devices into DSP development boards, DAQ cards, FPGA development boards, or a Linux single-board computer (SBC). It also provides engineers with the flexibility to develop their own testing-and-measurement systems to suit an end application, as illustrated by the different versions of the board shown in the interview.

Red Pitaya STEMlab 125-14 SBC/FPGA Test-And-Measurement Board For OEM Partners

Learn more about the OEM version of the Red Pitaya STEMlab board here, where you can apply to evaluate the technology for a commercial application:

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