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Always-on sensor-fusion AI with Syntiant’s NDP250

Those who have followed ipXchange for a while will know that we love Syntiant’s always-on AI technology, so it was a dream to finally interview Mallik Moturi at Embedded World 2024 for the release of Syntiant’s latest chip: the NDP250!

Like Syntiant’s other offerings, the NDP250 Neural Decision Processor boasts ultra-low power consumption while continuously performing AI inferencing for use cases such as voice recognition.

With 6 million 8-bit parameters for 5x the AI performance of the previous NDP120 device, however, engineers are now granted access to even more functionality. This includes high-level object recognition with HD video, audio scene classification, speech-to-text transcription, motion tracking, and multi-sensor fusion. These workloads are also supported by the larger memory of the device.

That said, the power consumption of the device remains on track with previous generations when performing similar workloads. The beauty of the NDP250 is that in situations where you have the power budget, you can do so much more.

Learn more about the NDP250 by following the link to the board form below, where you can apply to evaluate the technology for use in your next commercial project. General availability is expected later in 2024.

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Syntiant NDP250 Neural Decision Processor For Always-On AI

Need high-level AI sound or image recognition for an always-on, battery-operated design?

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