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Arduino PRO goes Raspberry Pi: A new hat that unites both ecosystems for industrial builds!

The Portenta Hat Carrier is not the first time Arduino and Raspberry Pi have been combined, but with the power of the Portenta boards – especially the Linux-capable X8 – we’re finally at the stage where you could confidently say: “Here’s an Arduino single-board computer (SBC) in a Raspberry Pi form factor with similar functionality.” This, of course, means that you can use all your Raspberry Pi hats while working within the Arduino ecosystem, so we can all agree that this is a big win for developers, right? 

The Portenta boards – industrial-grade Arduinos with AI/ML capabilities and the security, durability, and certifications to match – connect to this hat via the 80-pin, high density connectors that are a key feature of the product range. When docked with the Portenta Hat Carrier, users gain easy access to the CAN, ethernet, and USB peripherals during development or deployment. Additionally, a microSD card slot, JTAG pins for simple debugging, 16x analogue I/Os, an onboard camera connector for machine vision, and a PWM fan connector for thermal management make the Portenta Hat Carrier a great platform for expanding the capabilities of your Arduino PRO build, or simply building an industrial-grade SBC that is easier to work/interface with than the Portenta boards alone. 

We’ve updated our user-defined Arduino board form with this latest addition to the PRO range, so if you’ve got a commercial project and want to put the Portenta to the test in this familiar form factor, learn more about each of the Portenta boards and apply to evaluate the technology here – ipXchange will put you directly in touch with our contact at Arduino for fast-tracked evaluation and consultation.

Keep designing! 

User-Defined Application Form For Arduino PRO, MKR, and Nano product ranges

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