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Artificial Intelligence defined! Alif Semiconductor’s MCUs aren’t just looking in the answer book 

In another previously teased interview from ipXchange at CES 2024, Guy chats with our good friend Henrik from Alif Semiconductor about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) really means in a world where many are using it as a buzzword. 

In Henrik’s view, AI is when “you are able to ask a machine a question that you have not given it the answer to previously, and it is able to figure out something that seems like it could be an answer to that question”. For vision, sound, motion, and other sensory inputs, this is not simply performing a look-up operation in a table of known answers. 

With near-infinite possible inputs in a real-world environment, such a table would be impossible to create, so a machine needs to have an understanding – an intelligence – of the general idea of what something might be, and make a best guess based on its experience – i.e. its trained machine learning model – whether that be from on-the-fly learning or based on a curated dataset. 

Alif Semiconductor brings this AI/ML functionality to general-purpose microcontrollers and fusion processors (MCU+MPU) so that engineers can solve problems that they have previously been unable to tackle while still working within the familiar MCU development ecosystem. Alif Semiconductor’s devices also do this at a power consumption suitable for battery-operated designs. 

Learn about Alif Semiconductors Ensemble family of devices by following the link to the board page below, where you can apply to evaluate this technology for use in your next commercial project:

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Alif Semiconductor Ensemble Fusion Processors and Microcontrollers

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