Ask an ipXpert: How to choose the right component vendors for your project 

Eamon returns for another “Ask an ipXpert” interview straight from his chats with members of the ipXchange community. This week’s ipXpert is Raul Lopez, an ex-Intel industry veteran who has over 30 years of experience in the world of semiconductors – hardware and software – ranging from clean-room fabrication processes, chip design, system architecture and product design, software design, and more, founding three companies over the course of his career and cofounding another. 

To start the discussion, Raul introduces himself before showing us two projects that he has worked on, RGB Networks’ TCM2+ video module and Ring’s Indoor Cam 2nd Gen device – now that’s a household name! The reason for showing us these units is not simply to illustrate Raul’s portfolio. Both designs required many components from big-name semiconductor manufacturers, so for these products to come to fruition, forming strong working relationships with the right component vendors was essential.   

So what is Raul’s secret? 

In this eye-opening interview, Raul reveals everything that 30+ years of experience has taught him about choosing the right partners to make your project work, and how to form long-lasting relationships with component vendors, or product designers if you yourself are a vendor. This includes everything you should look out for in your initial discussions, what documentation is essential for device integration, the red and green flags you might see along the way, and so much more. We at ipXchange are sure to be pulling quotes from this interview for years to come! 

Best of all, Raul explains why evaluation boards should be free to prospective partners and what the conditions for getting a free evaluation board, or multiple sample units, should be. 

Sit back and enjoy this must-watch discussion for anyone working in the semiconductor industry, and download Raul’s notes below so that you have a lasting reminder of what you’ve just witnessed. 

Keep designing! 

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