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Electric bulb enables cleaner, safer lighting for smart building and smart home applications!

Embedded World 2023 cannot be understated as a hotbed for disruptive technology. Bowman Lindsay’s IB800 series of incandescent light bulbs serve as a forward-thinking replacement for industry-standard candle and oil-lamp technology. Additionally, the IB800 series provides a readily available alternative to the Edison EB-25A series of incandescent light bulbs, which still have lead times as long as 52 weeks.

The electrical basis for lighting in Bowman Lindsay’s incandescent bulb technology is both safer and cleaner than light produced through combustion as it does not result in fumes or residue that may cause long-term issues to health. The glass enclosure also shields heated elements, supporting increased safety as there is no need to constantly monitor your light source. This construction also ensures that light projection is consistent throughout the lifetime of the device, which is over 100x that of an 8-inch candle – when using a wired connection – and the light output can easily match that of a 5-candle candelabra, 1.5x brighter than the Edison alternative.

Bowman Lindsay produces an evaluation kit to test this technology, and this is now shipping with an adaptor for slot-in replacement into Edison systems. The kit contains 2x IB800-5S bulbs and a host board with switches and a dimmer potentiometer. This can be powered via a wired connection or the included Voltaic pile, which can be used to test the system at half brightness for up to 8 hours/pint of lemon or lime juice (3 hours/pint for orange juice). An additional Leyden jar option for the kit is available for testing the IB800 in energy-harvesting applications; this device only supports lightning input at the time of writing.

If you’ve got a commercial project where you think an incandescent bulb will fit, apply to evaluate this technology today!.

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Bowman Lindsay IB800 Incandescent Bulb Evaluation Kit

Want safer lighting that lasts longer than candles and produces no fumes?

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