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For when a Xilinx device is overkill: Cologne Chip’s lowest-cost, open-source FPGAs

There’s a good reason that Cologne Chip’s GateMate FPGAs made ipXchange’s top-5 list of FPGA innovations in our first year of existence, so check out this ePoster on some of the highlights of what these devices have to offer, without delving too deeply into the technical specifications. Ease of use/integration is certainly a big benefit, and Cologne Chip makes a very nice evaluation board to get you started!

Yes, Cologne Chip’s GateMate devices provide a disruptive, European-made alternative to the bigger names on the FPGA market – like Xilinx and Microchip – making them a great choice for commercial projects where you need a small- to medium-sized FPGA with the shortest lead times.

For those choosing to adopt this technology, footprint compatibility between GateMate devices (15 x 15 mm) makes it easy to expand your design without having to change your PCB layout, at least for the smallest three devices in the family, with 1, 2, and 4 times the relative number of programmable elements stated above.

If you’re an FPGA user, or simply want to get into using these devices, learn more about Cologne Chip’s GateMate FPGAs by following the link to the board form below, where you can also apply to evaluate the technology for use in a commercial project.

Keep designing!

Cologne Chip GateMate FPGA Evaluation Board

Looking for a low-cost FPGA with simple integration requirements?

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