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High-performance real-time-augmented video using AI at the edge: Synaptics’ VS680 Multimedia SoC

In another interview from Hardware Pioneers Max 2023, ipXchange chats with Juan from Synaptics about the VS680 Multimedia SoC, a quad-core-Cortex-A73 device built for demanding audio-visual AI workloads at surprisingly low power consumption when compared to competing solutions: Just 3-4 W! 

As seen in the demo, Synaptics’ solution offers real-time AI augmentation of video streams for multiple instances of facial tracking, hand tracking, smart framing, and more. What’s more is that Synaptics brings this level of AI workloads at the edge, enabling a level of data security/privacy that is far more reliable than when using cloud-based AI processing. Faster reactivity is also a key benefit. 

As Juan explains, Synaptics also specialises in connectivity devices, so it makes sense that the company makes board-level solutions for integrating their AI SoCs. That said, the demo is actually running on a third-party Pi-derivative platform, and after careful investigation, there seems to be very little information about the VS680 online. Perhaps Synaptics is keeping the details under wraps… 

Well, ipXchange has done our best to get more information on this innovative AI chip, so if you’re watching our interview and envisioning the VS680’s use in your next project, head to the board page to learn more and apply to evaluate the technology. 

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Synaptics VS680 Multimedia SoC For Realtime AI-Enriched Video At The Edge

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