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How does ipXchange work?

When you fill out a form with details of your commercial project, Eamon and Jake do everything in their power to get you a call with the people you need to talk to to evaluate the technology that will solve your design challenges. If, and only if, we’ve matched you with the right solution, ipXchange makes a small commission on the final sale.

Support ipXchange by applying for boards when you see content about technology that you think will solve your commercial design challenges.

Hello to all you design engineers! This week, ipXchange surpassed 4000 members on LinkedIn!

As the main team behind everything you see from us, Eamon and Jake wanted to share their thanks and explain a little about how you can help ipXchange thrive as we come into the second year of this disruptive startup.

In short, ipXchange produces all its content in-house for free. This allows us to write about whatever we think will be useful to the community, since no-one is telling us – or paying us – to get their voice heard over unknown companies that might not have the standing to get themselves into magazines and other traditional electronics media.

Of course, this – and travelling to exhibitions – requires a lot of funding, which at the moment comes primarily from our sister company TKO Marketing Consultants, which has been in the business for nearly 30 years helping their customers to sell more. ipXchange works quite differently.

We believe in creating partnerships between engineers and technology manufacturers, and this is what we are trying to achieve when we point our members towards our board forms.

ipXchange costs you, and manufactures, absolutely nothing to engage, so the next time you’re thinking of starting a project, let us know, either by filling out a form on our website or sending Jake or Eamon a message. You’ll be helping ipXchange continue doing the work we love to do, and at the same time, you will be connecting directly with manufacturers for conversations that are tailored to helping you solve your design problems.

Thank you for all the support, and we look forward to matchmaking even more engineers with manufacturers of disruptive technology.

Keep designing!

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