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Introducing Namino: Industrial-grade ESP32 boards with Arduino support for fastest development 

ipXchange made a few completely unexpected finds at Maker Faire Rome 2023. With 3 industrial-grade Espressif ESP32-based boards featuring Arduino IDE support and a UNO shield interface on the top side, Namino was one of them. If you’re developing with a UNO-compatible STMicro or Infineon board, reconsider right now. 

As Elena explains, Namino’s Rosso, Arancio, and Bianco boards present designers with an industrial-grade development platform with the power of ESP32, the familiarity of Arduino IDE and UNO interface options, and a wealth of interfaces that make these boards perfect for industrial automation, IoT, and smart home applications, to name a few. Best of all, these boards are available in an Arduino-UNO or 503 standard form factor suitable for compact builds. Namino even claims wiring simplification of up to 83% during prototyping when compared to existing industrial development solutions. 

It’s no secret that the ESP32-S3 device at the centre of each of these builds offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity while simultaneously being an AI-capable powerhouse with an Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX7 microprocessor running at up to 240 MHz – ipXchange has covered these devices many times before – but it’s unusual to see ESP32 boards capable of handling 0-24 VDC on the digital inputs or 0-10 V on the analogue inputs. 

This and options for power via 100-250 VAC or 7-30 VDC make Namino’s boards ready for deployment into many industrial products, so learn about the full range of interface options by following the link to the board page. If you’ve got a commercial project in mind, fill out the form, and ipXchange will get you evaluating this innovative startup’s devices ASAP. 

Keep designing! 

Naming Rosso, Arancio and Bianco Industrial-grade ESP32 Development Boards

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