ipX Roundup 6 – Wideband lasers, motion tracking, 3D machine vision, and an ‘ambient’ MCU  

It’s getting more and more difficult to write a concise headline for these ipXchange weekly roundups. This week has covered so much ground in the world of electronics! 

Starting with a Sunday Community ProjeX, Harry chatted to Shaunak Vyas about his experiences in the world of embedded design and how he originally started by writing open-source blogs to help engineers like himself. It’s a great interview that provides some noteworthy insights into how to get started with new embedded operating systems. Enjoy it! 

On the tech side, Monday presented an ipXperience with a difference as Guy talked to SuperLight Photonics CEO Cees Links about a remarkable wideband laser. This solution removes the need for frequency scanning in many imaging applications thanks to a NIR-to-violet continuous output. A must watch for hyperspectral imaging enthusiasts. 

On Tuesday, we returned to CES 2024 for a demo of a new motion-tracking platform from Bosch Sensortec. This set of eight wearable sensors – with Bosch’s AI-capable BHI380 IMU at the centre – enables accurate full-body tracking without wires, making for a great solution in physical rehabilitation settings, VR/AR, gaming, and more. 

For Wednesday, ipXchange shared a mind-blowing software solution for AI-enabled 3D machine perception using any 2D camera. Truly we were not expecting this demo from Neonode, even though they are experts in HMIs, so this is one to watch if you want to completely change how we think about in-cabin monitoring. Just in time for those new European automotive regulations! 

And on Thursday, another ipXperience, this time with ONiO, a company that has redesigned MCUs from the ground up to run solely on harvested energy, with adaptive PMIC capabilities built in. Goodbye, IoT batteries! 

Check out the full posts by following these links to the ipXchange website: 

How to approach learning a new embedded OS

Wideband laser revolutionises spectral imaging

Low-power motion tracking with AI-capable sensors 

3D in-cabin monitoring with a 2D camera!

A RISC-V MCU that works solely on ambient energy

This Sunday’s Community ProjeX is a catchup with Alexandra Covor for a more in-depth discussion about her RP2040-based wearable for STEM education as well as her experiences in professional embedded design versus the maker space. 

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Keep designing! 

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