Is your tech listening to you? What do ‘security’ and ‘privacy’ really mean in the IoT? 

Hello to all you engineers! ipXchange is proud to present a new content type, a scripted thought piece with our (written) content creator Dr. Eamon Standing. These video essays explore high-level concepts within the tech sphere and the trends that ipXchange sees as we cover related solutions from multiple disruptive technology providers. 

For this first essay, Eamon explores the concepts of security and privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT), and what these words really mean when many seem to use them interchangeably. Prepare for some b-horror storytelling and a (hopefully) entertaining take on a very serious subject. 

If there are any topics that you want Eamon to research for future episodes, leave a comment below and subscribe to the ipXchange YouTube channel so that you never miss one. The full script for this thought piece can be found here.

Keep designing! 

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