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No more blue screens of death: A fast-recovery file system for embedded memory

In another rather different Embedded World interview, ipXchange chatted with Thom from Tuxera about their Reliance Edge embedded file system, which ensures the best product end-user experience as data is never lost or corrupted when the power is interrupted. This solution can be used in any embedded application, whether that be smaller IoT devices, automotive, mobile and handheld, industrial, aerospace and defence, medical, or telecommunications.

In this hands-on demo, Thom shows us the results of a power interruption in a FAT file system when compared to a system that uses Tuxera’s Reliance Edge; both are displaying a slideshow of pictures running on a real-time operating system. As expected, the FAT system overwrites the file in place and becomes corrupted after power interruption. In contrast, Reliance Edge will never overwrite data that is already in place. Tuxera’s solution works from a “known good state” of a media and will only write to a “working state”, meaning that there is no data corruption after power loss as the system reverts to the last known good state. No chkdsk or clean-up operations are required, and the recovery after power interruption is significantly faster than competing file systems.

Tuxera Reliance Edge Embedded File System For RTOS Data Preservation

Learn more about this software-defined solution here, where we can also put you in touch with Tuxera if you want to evaluate Reliance Edge for use in a commercial project:

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