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Powerful, pin-compatible SoMs for cost-effective Linux installations: PHYTEC’s 36 x 36-mm solution 

In another great find at EDS 2023, ipXchange chats with Ralf from PHYTEC about the phyCORE range of industrial SoMs. These compact (36 x 36 mm) castellated boards feature top-tier chipsets from big-name semiconductor companies and can be optimised for a customer’s requirements while simultaneously saving development cost and time to market, thanks to their compatibility with automated assembly processes. Check them out if you’re already looking at embedded Linux solutions from Toradex, Variscite, and Compulab. 

A key benefit of PHYTEC’s phyCORE SoMs is pin-compatibility between different models, meaning that you can optimise your cost for a given project, whether that be in a medical, industrial, automotive (off-vehicle), point-of-sale, or other application – one of their SoMs features an Arm Cortex-A7 core running at up to 900 MHz for just 20 Euros at 10,000 pieces! 

Though there are standard interfaces on every SoM, PHYTEC also makes specialist SoMs for camera systems, such as with the on-booth demo, which uses machine learning to determine which celebrity you look most like. 

PHYTEC also offers breakout boards for easy connectivity or creating a standalone Single-Board Computer (SBC) during development. It also offers schematics for baseboards for fast testing and has a great network of FAEs to support you in your design journey, with long-term product support and shortage/obsolescence mitigation. 

We at ipXchange have written about three of the pin-compatible SoMs – based on chipsets from STMicroelectronics and NXP for anything from basic Linux to AI-capable hybrid processor + MCU solutions – on a single board page for easy comparison, so if you like the look of PHYTEC’s solution for a commercial project, apply for a sample by following the link below. 

One more to go from EDS. 

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PHYTEC Pin-Compatible phyCORE SoMs And phyBOARD-Segin Single-Board Computer

Looking for a compact embedded Linux solution with great flexibility for cost optimisation?

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