Seriously, what the Hell is AI? 

Hello to all you engineers! It’s time for the second ipXchange thought piece, written and presented by Dr. Eamon Standing, and filmed and edited by the tireless duo that is Jake Morris and Harry Forster. 

Following from ipXchange’s coverage of CES 2024, and the sheer abundance of companies claiming Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a key feature of their latest technology, this video essay aims to clarify what constitutes AI, what is not AI, and how to tell the difference. That said, the rabbit hole goes very deep as soon as you start to ask this question, so prepare for a wild ride that may leave you asking more questions than when you went in. 

Eamon references several sources of information during the course of this video, and you can find links to these below if you would like to explore these ideas further. Also, we would not be being very ipXchange-y if we did not leave a link to the AI section of our website, so if you want to get stuck in with the latest AI technology, apply for an evaluation board today. 30

As with last time, if there are any topics that you want Eamon to research for future episodes, leave a comment below and subscribe to the ipXchange YouTube channel so that you never miss one. The full script for this thought piece can be found here.

Keep designing! 

Links to the sources mentioned in this video essay:

The Chinese Room Argument
Understanding the four types of AI
That scene from Ghost In The Shell (1995)
Bell transcription using non-negative matrix factorisation
A Vietnamese hmong puppy
Generative AI

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