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Shrink your end products and cut background noise with highly directional MEMS microphones

As promised, ipXchange is proud to present our chat with Soundskrit at CES 2024. This time, Guy chats with Charles about what makes Soundskrit’s compact, highly directional MEMS microphone so special in a market dominated by omnidirectional devices. 

As Charles explains, this technology has been available for years in the pro-audio market, but never before has it been shrunk to this size for consumer electronics products. MEMS technology also enables uniform ‘matched’ performance between devices, which is a requirement for processing audio from multiple microphones. 

Guy then gets a demonstration of this technology with Soundskrit’s Horizon development platform: a signal pick-up comparison between standard omnidirectional devices and Soundskrit’s solution. Thanks to the high level of directionality, Charles is not picked up when speaking by the side of the laptop. 

This nicely illustrates how Soundskrit’s solution requires far less audio post-processing to remove unwanted background noise when built into products like webcams, gaming headsets, AR glasses, and smart home devices. Additionally, space between multiple microphones is not required for directionality, so your products can be smaller than ever before. 

Learn more about Soundskrit’s analogue and digital MEMS microphones and the Horizon development platform by following the link to the board page, where you can apply to evaluate this technology for your next commercial project. 

Keep designing! 

Soundskrit SKR0400 (Analogue) and SKR0410 (PDM) MEMS Directional Microphones + Eval Kit

Want smaller end products with highly directional sound detection?

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