Sick of being ignored by semiconductor vendors? ipXchange gets it, so we’re signing official partners!

ipXchange’s core mission is to help electronics design engineers find the disruptive semiconductor solutions that will help solve their design challenges, but as a company that is constantly reaching out to component vendors for interviews and more information, we know how many ignore smaller commercial opportunities that come their way.

Wanting to solve this, ipXchange has formed official partnerships with a growing number of component vendors that we trust to help design engineers do their best work. When you apply to evaluate boards by official partners through ipXchange, you can be assured that you will have a direct route to the people you need to talk to to get your evaluation started.

ipXchange’s list of official partners currently stands as follows:

  • Arduino – MCU boards, industrial solutions, and so much more
  • AuthGate – Bluetooth NFC solutions
  • CAPUF Embedded – Compact power solutions and more
  • Cologne Chip – Open-source FPGAs
  • Conexio – Cellular IoT boards
  • Elimo Engineering – Compact Single-Board Computers (SBCs)
  • Everactive – Energy harvesting technology
  • Ineltek – Distributor with a wide product portfolio
  • KORG – A compact alternative to audio-grade thermionic valves / vacuum tubes
  • Libelium – Modular IoT platforms
  • RAKwireless – Connectivity solutions and modular IoT platforms
  • Red Pitaya – High-speed FPGA-enhanced SBCs
  • ScioSense – Sensors and sensor modules

Does this mean that ipXchange is still agnostic in its content? Yes. We write about what we want to write about and what we think will be useful to our members, and we will be monetarily compensated if, and only if, we get that technology into a production run.

That said, if a company that we’ve written about refuses to help an engineer looking to evaluate their technology, ipXchange will do our best to help them with an alternative from our official partners. That’s what’s important, right? And we’re looking for more!

Starting a new project? Check out our boards now that you’ve got this fresh insight into fast-tracked component evaluation.

Keep designing!

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