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Submitted by Jon Mays on December 22, 2023

#MFR2023 – A student development board that lives up to the name!

In this interview from Maker Faire Rome 2023, ipXchange heads to the Learn Hall to chat with Tomas about the La Giorgi Evaluation Board, a great project specific to his school.

Based around the ESP32 development environment, the La Giorgi Evaluation Boards serve students throughout their three-year high school electronics course, taking them through all the circuits they learn, from soldering to programming. These include I2C interfaced components, displays, buttons, OPAMP circuitry, a high-power 48 V, 10 A output, and more. Best of all, the students get to keep the board at the end of their journey, and we at ipXchange love this idea!

Tomas then talks us through another project, a full-body tracking device with an IMU for AR/VR applications. The aim is to keep track of your body in virtual space relative to your head. Tomas and Eamon then bond over their experiences of Raspberry Pi’s RP2040 MCU, which Tomas aims to put into the next generation of this build.

As Tomas explains, the choice for using an ESP32 was a cost and versatility move, thanks to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and powerful processor for running advanced workloads. ipXchange has written about a number of different ESP32 boards for embedding, including Arduino’s new Nano ESP32, so learn more and apply to evaluate one if you’ve got a commercial project in mind.

Keep designing!

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