Onethinx Core MCU + LoRaWAN + Bluetooth 5 LE Module And Demokit

Onethinx Core is an ultra-low-power 20 x 24.5 x 3 mm module that offers a ready-to-use, low-cost solution for providing LoRaWAN and Bluetooth 5 LE functionality in an IoT end product. Highly integrated and pre-certified for RED, LoRa Alliance, Arm PSA level one (Platform Security Architecture), this module reduces development cost by up to five times and development time by more than 50 times when compared to creating a similar connectivity device from scratch. Additionally, complex RF design is done for you, and the on-module antenna in conjunction with a Semtech SX126x LoRaWAN chipset offers high RF efficiency for optimised range and reduced power consumption to support long life in battery-operated designs.

The heart of Onethinx Core is an Infineon PSoC6, which offers configurable analogue and digital blocks for easy interfacing of sensors without additional components. The PSoC6 features two Arm Cortex-M cores, with active power consumption as low as 22 µA/MHz for the M4 core (up to 150 MHz) and 15 µA/MHz for the M0+ core. The Cortex-M4 core is supported by 1 MB Flash and 256 kB SRAM, and it can run FreeRTOS or Mbed OS flawlessly to support your application. An embedded secure element provides end-to-end hardware encryption for extremely secure communications – including over the air upgrades – again, without the need for additional components; the Onethinx Core aims to streamline your development as much as possible.

Onethinx produces a demokit that features a development board (pictured) with the Onethinx Core module – loaded with their LoRaWAN stack – a test button, two LEDs, Arduino shield headers, a Bluetooth LE antenna connector, and a light sensor to get you started in your design. Onethinx offers full support for integrating their product with ample design and programming resources to quickly bring your project to market.

If you are interested in using the Onethinx Core in a commercial project, fill in the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch to facilitate evaluation and partnership.

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