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0.1° accuracy in stepper motor positioning: The latest magnetic angle sensor for compact robotics

ipXchange spotted some interesting demos on the Alps Alpine booth at PCIM, so here we present the first of two interviews on their latest sensor products. To begin, Jörg Kortekamp introduces us to Alps Alpine before handing over to Masafumi Kaneko, who takes us through a demo of Alps Alpine’s latest linear-output magnetic angle sensor.

This demo uses four of Alps Alpine’s latest HGAR-series sensors to produce an accurate measurement of the 0-360° position of a stepper motor, something that may be typically required for use in robotics applications. The four-sensor configuration compensates external magnetic field effects to obtain a measurement that is accurate to around 0.1° of the full turn of the motor.

Unlike traditional end-of-shaft angle sensors, Alps Alpine’s configuration can produce these high-accuracy measurements from the side of the shaft, enabling space-saving motor or angle measurement modules for more compact end devices. With such accuracy, it is not hard to see how these devices are a great solution for high-precision robotics applications as well as drones and gaming HMI devices.

The HGAR series features sensors with 10 to 120 mT (200 mT absolute max.) and -40°C to +150°C operating ranges, which additionally supports automotive, industrial, and medical applications.

Alps Alpine HGAR Series Analogue Linear Output Magnetic Angle Sensors

It seems that Alps Alpine are currently developing an evaluation board for the device shown in this interview, so go learn more about the HGAR series here, where you can apply to evaluate the technology for use in a commercial project:

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