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5.8 GHz sensor SoC offers simpler implementation of radar motion sensing

The AT5820 5.8 GHz radar sensor SoC from AirTouch has caught Mr X’s eye – it provides a complete hardware basis for a low-cost, long-range motion detection system, as well as a readily available alternative to modules like Maxustech’s MW0582TR11.

Microwave radar sensors offer an alternative to traditional infrared motion sensors, which suffer from temperature-dependent sensitivity and poor detection of direct movement towards the sensor. Microwave radar has the additional benefit that it can sense movement through walls and other non-metallic obstructions. This is particularly attractive in applications such as outdoor lighting or for security cameras, which can be triggered to operate at a longer range than conventional infrared motion sensors.

The AT5820’s key features include:

  • Built-in 32-bit MCU with 10+ GPIOs
  • 5.8 GHz ± 75 MHz band with -5 dBm output
  • On-chip co-frequency interference management and out-of-band blocking
  • Adjustable hold time and sensing range

The AT5820 is available in a 4 x 4 mm QFN32 package or as part of a compact module for evaluation or direct deployment. Learn more about this device and its evaluation board on our application form page.

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AirTouch AT58L4M32-2020 (Highbay Version) 5.8 GHz Radar Sensor Module For Evaluating AT5820

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