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A durable, highly miniaturised CMOS camera with integrated real-time image signal processing

Designed as an easy-to-implement drop-in replacement for the CCD in flexible endoscopes, 3D PLUS leverages their patented stacking technology to bring you a high-resolution, high-sensitivity, low smear CMOS camera, with the critical environment qualifications (vibration, shock, thermal) that 3D PLUS is known for.

3D PLUS’s CMOS micro camera head provides the user with all setting- and real-time-control functions like colour, brightness, contrast, and image resolution set-up. Available in 1/6” and 1/10” CCD sizes, these micro camera heads can be delivered as a full OEM video system – with cable lengths of up to 10 metres between the sensor and the base station – or as a single component for your video endoscope, robotics, assembly, or inspection application, where picture quality is a must and reliability is a given.

Now, we have already sung 3D PLUS’s praise in a previous post, but to reiterate, 3D PLUS is a world-leading supplier of advanced high-density 3D microelectronic products and bare die and wafer level stacking technology that allows more than 85% volume and weight savings over traditional 2D solutions. Many of their products are designed for aerospace applications and are radiation resistant, though this camera is not one of them.

In addition to the specifications above, 3D PLUS’s micro camera head boasts a low dark count and excellent anti-blooming characteristics. If you require a radiation-tolerant camera, 3D PLUS has you covered with the 4 Megapixels Space Camera, which has already been used as part of the SuperCam of NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover, so you know 3D PLUS are a reliable solutions provider; there is also a 12-megapixel camera within that product family.

As with our previous article about 3D PLUS, if you are working with aerospace applications, we highly recommend considering some of their other offerings, which includes radiation-tolerant computer cores, memory, interfaces, POL converters, peripherals, and protection ICs, as well as industrial memory and solid-state drives. If there’s anything by 3D PLUS that you want to evaluate, tell us in an application!

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(Image sourced from 3D PLUS)

3D PLUS CMOS Micro Camera Head Sample

Looking for a drop-in replacement for an endoscope CCD?

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