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A screen-printable, pressure-sensing material for multi-touch HMIs on almost any surface!

Mr. X looks back to another of ipXchange’s first articles, an HMI comparison piece that featured Peratech’s Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC), a pressure-sensitive material that provides a disruptive alternative to capacitive touch systems. 

Peratech’s QTC is available in both clear and opaque formulations, and, unlike capacitive touch, it works with gloved hands, when wet, or when using passive objects, such as a stylus. Peratech’s touch solution has the added benefit of much lower power consumption than capacitive touch, and it can also be deployed in more imaginative parts of an end device as a replacement for physical buttons, for example, around a steering wheel or on the side of a phone.  

The main drawback of this technology is that integration can be challenging, but if you apply to test it, and Peratech think your project is feasible, design assistance will be provided to make your product a reality.

Learn more about Peratech’s QTC and its use in Lenovo’s gaming laptops in our full article, or apply to enter consultation with Peratech for your commercial project using the link below.

Peratech QTC Pressure-Sensing Material Consultation

Looking for a bespoke pressure-sensing solution for your end product?

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