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Creating stunning MCU-driven GUIs with Qt Group

Wearables have never looked prettier. Well, at least in terms of graphical user interfaces, thanks to Qt Design Studio!

In ipXchange’s second partner interview from our sponsored coverage of Ambiq at Embedded World 2024, Eamon chats with Roger from Qt Group about how the combination of Ambiq’s ultra-low-power hardware and Qt’s design software can make for some stunning Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) in wearable products.

As Roger explains, Qt Design Studio makes it easy to go from typical design assets, such as those made in Adobe design software suites, to ready-to-run GUI code for MCUs. This works particularly well within Ambiq’s ecosystem, but Qt also enables similar GUIs on microcontrollers running RTOS or bare-metal architectures.

In the case of the demo at the show, Qt’s software was running on some of Ambiq’s Apollo4 display kits, with this level of graphics made possible in part thanks to the Apollo4’s highly energy-efficient 2/2.5D graphical accelerator.

This built-in hardware enables 32-bit colour visuals with up to 4 layers of alpha blending on a 500 x 500-pixel display.

Qt helps designers go from concept to end product, and its team is excited by the opportunities that a partnership with Ambiq brings to the table thanks to the ultra-low power consumption of Ambiq’s devices. It will be interesting to see what can be made possible once this software is running on Ambiq’s latest Apollo5-series MCUs.

If you were also blown away by the graphics made possible through this partnership between Ambiq and Qt Group, and you’ve got a wearable design coming up soon, learn more about the Apollo4 Display Kit by following the link to the board form below. There, you can apply to evaluate this technology today and get started on your design journey with both Ambiq and Qt Group.

Keep designing!

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Building a battery-powered product and want to wow your customers with a top-tier graphical user interface?

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