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How Ambiq enabled the RAK11720’s added features

“We were able to get the SDKs that we need, the OTA updates – wireless updates – that we need, the applications, so it’s really nice to be working with them. So, that’s why it’s here now!”

As part of ipXchange’s sponsored coverage of Ambiq’s presence at Embedded World 2024, we had the privilege of chatting with Ambiq’s various hardware and software partners. We’ve picked out a few of these discussions that we think you’ll love, starting with LinkedIn content legend Carl Erick Rowan from RAKwireless.

As Carl explains, RAKwireless’ RAK11720 LoRaWAN + Bluetooth LE module uses Ambiq’s Apollo3 Blue SoC for the MCU and Bluetooth functionality of this compact connectivity device. This module is a pin-compatible follow-up to the popular RAK3172 LoRaWAN module.

Ambiq’s ultra-low-power processing architecture enables RAKwireless to add Bluetooth functionality to its wireless modules without hindering an IoT product’s ability to operate on battery power. Better still, it provides additional connectivity so that users can control these devices using a phone-based app, for example.

Carl then praises Ambiq’s ease of communication and ample resources during the development process. We’ll find in later partner interviews that this is a common theme.

You can learn more about each of Ambiq’s Apollo MCUs and wireless SoCs on ipXchange’s Ambiq company page, but RAKwireless’ RAK11720 is an amazing device that also puts Ambiq’s technology to use. Follow the link to the board page below, and apply to evaluate this technology for use in your next commercial project.

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Want to learn more about the RAK11720? Check out ipXchange’s interview from last Embedded World with RAKwireless Founder & CEO Ken Yu:

The latest model: Instantly add Bluetooth LE functionality to your existing RAK3172 LoRa design!

RAKwireless WisDuo RAK11720 LoRaWAN + Bluetooth LE Module Breakout Boards

Want to utilise Ambiq’s ultra-low-power processing with added Bluetooth LE and LoRaWAN connectivity?

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