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Affordable cm-level navigation without GNSS: ANELLO redefines optical gyroscope technology 

In ipXchange’s first piece of coverage from CES 2024 – while some of the team are still at the show! – Guy chats with Mario from ANELLO Photonics about the SiPhOG, that’s Silicon Photonics Optical Gyroscope. 

This compact module takes the technology and performance of expensive high-end fibre-optic gyroscopes and shrinks the size, cost, weight, and power consumption thanks to the latest developments in integrated silicon photonics. 

ANELLO’s solution is also much more suitable for volume production than the standard fibre-optic gyroscopes used in fighter jets and ICBMs, bringing the benefits of this technology to mass-market applications where MEMS IMUs are not sufficiently accurate for the job. 

As Mario explains, one such application is autonomous vehicles and machinery, including drones, where the temperature, shock, and vibration resilience of ANELLO’s SiPhOG enables ultra-high-precision monitoring of position, heading, and velocity without the requirement for GNSS. 

This is particularly useful in applications such as mining or UAVs where GNSS signal is not possible or could be jammed by external attacks. As an example, one of ANELLO’s ready-made configurations for land vehicles enables driving for 100 km with less than 100 m error in the final Global position. 

ANELLO is confident that its technology will redefine the scope of applications that can use optical gyroscope technology, so learn about the optical gyroscope and GNSS/INS evaluation kit by following the link to the board page, where you can also apply to evaluate the technology. ipXchange will also be writing technical reviews of ANELLO’s complete solutions in due time, so stay tuned for more from this exciting company.  

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ANELLO Photonics Optical Gyroscope & GNSS/INS Evaluation Kit

Want to experience optical gyroscope technology for compact products, thanks to the latest developments in silicon photonics? 

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