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An expertly crafted 64-bit RISC-V core in an affordable single-board computer for industrial IoT

Now here’s a first: The IP in ipXchange is not usually meant to mean the IP inside semiconductor devices, but after seeing what Andes Technology had to offer at Embedded World, we couldn’t resist a chat with these RISC-V core IP masters. 

In this interview, Florian tells us about RISC-V AndesCore CPU cores and their use in many devices across a wealth of applications, including highly relevant ISO26262-compliant automotive use cases, as well as a less relevant, though still very amusing, karaoke machine. 

To give ipXchange members a taste of Andes’ IP in action, Florian showed us two boards that use an AndesCore-based Renesas CPU. The second, we could not help but write more about as it serves as a readily available alternative to the Raspberry Pi 4! 

Learn more about ASUS IoT’s Tinker V RISC-V single-board computer on the ipXchange website, where you can also apply for a sample to test the technology in a commercial design here: 

With established quality based on years of development and know-how, Andes’ cores have found their way across all markets, and as a founding member of the RISC-V International Association, what more would you expect from a company that is determined to take RISC-V to the mainstream and outcompete the Arm standard. 


Andes Technology AndesCore™ RISC-V CPU Core IP

For any semiconductor manufacturers interested in moving to an open-source architecture, follow this link for more information on AndesCore IP:

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