Andes Technology AndesCore™ RISC-V CPU Core IP

Andes Technology’s AndesCore series of high-performance RISC-V CPU cores come from Andes Technology’s many years of experience in core IP design. This IP can be used across many devices – from MCUs to SSDs and more – and allow for flexible SoC customisation for the best performance at reduced cost in your application. These processors also employ commonly used design techniques to save energy and allow for smart SoC-level power management for more efficient operation with respect to processing power.

There are over 20 standard AndesCore V5 RISC-V processors, with a maximum operating frequency of over 1.6 GHz and availability in 32- and 64-bit architectures. Application-specific members of the family cater to specific application requirements such as automotive with ISO26262 functional safety compliancy, DSP, Linux, compact and ultra-compact devices, multi-core devices, MemBoost, superscalar architectures, vector extension, and MCUs.

An example of AndesCore technology in action can be found in the ASUS IoT Tinker V RISC-V Single-Board Computer. With Andes determined to take RISC-V to the mainstream as an alternative to architectures like Arm Cortex-A72, the application form below can be used by semiconductor manufacturers to apply for consultation with Andes to integrate AndesCore technology into their latest devices. Alternatively, design engineers can use the form below to find out more about the available chipsets that employ Andes IP.

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