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Automate your power converter designs with Python: Is SIMBA the ultimate simulation tool for EVs?

In an ipXperience that came straight out of the ipXchange community, Guy talks with Emmanuel from POWERSYS about SIMBA, an easy-to-use, high-performance simulation tool for power electronics and motor drive applications. 

As Emmanuel explains, SIMBA is a component-level simulation tool that is primarily used for helping engineers to develop power converters with the best performance for their application. It can also be used for motor drive simulation, thanks to mechanical and thermal elements within SIMBA’s simulation library – in addition to the many passive and power semiconductor components – and this has made it a particularly popular simulation tool for Electric Vehicle (EV) design engineers, based on SIMBA’s current user base. 

Unlike traditional simulation tools that require that an engineer build their model (schematic), select the components, and examine the waveforms and performance before repeating the process to optimise their design through data analysis and manual adjustments, SIMBA comes with a Python library that allows engineers to call SIMBA from within a programming environment to enable advanced parametric studies (i.e. automated simulation runs) during your design process. This integration can also be used to enhance your optimisation processes using machine learning algorithms, though you will need to create these yourself.

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POWERSYS SIMBA Power Electronics And Motor Drive Simulation Software

Even when used in the more traditional power electronics simulation way, a novel type of transient solver enables faster or more accurate results than competing simulation methods, so enjoy the discussion and learn more about SIMBA here, where you can also apply to evaluate this software solution for use in a commercial project:

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