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An embedded memory safety net during OTA updates

Ever start to sweat when your system says: ‘Update in progress… Do not turn off the power’? That no longer needs to be a concern, thanks to Tuxera’s embedded file systems.

In ipXchange’s second interview with Tuxera at Embedded World 2024, Guy chats with Thom about the magic of copy-on-write file systems and how this ensures that you never lose data when you lose power to the system.

As Thom illustrates, with the advent of constantly updated systems, where these operations are often done automatically over the air, many devices in the embedded space cannot afford to lose power during this process. It can mess them up pretty badly…

While some memory devices like SD cards feature an A/B file system that enables a duplicate of a file to be written or modified in the B section before verification and deletion from the original A section, this is simply not a very good use of resources in many designs and does not scale well to larger file sizes.

Tuxera’s embedded file systems like Reliance Edge for RTOS applications means that this type of copy-on-write functionality can occur directly at the heart of your embedded system.

It takes as little as 4 kB of RAM and 11 kB of code to implement and means that your device will always return to a good state of operation should the power drop out momentarily.

System reboot with Reliance Edge is also extremely fast as there is no requirement for clean-up operations – it knows when the system was last running smoothly.

Thom actually showed us a practical demonstration of this technology last year, and if Reliance Edge is already looking like the memory protection solution that you’ve been searching for, learn more by following the link to the board page below, where you can apply to evaluate this technology today.

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