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Making industrial memory supply agnostic and easy

If you need a reliable supply of industrial-grade memory devices for years to come, you need to talk to Memorysolution!

You may have noticed that ipXchange doesn’t talk about memory components very often because it’s difficult to find devices that really turn heads – ipXchange is all about disruptive technology. But what if we partnered with a company that could take us around Embedded World 2024 to see a tonne of its own disruptive partners?

In the first of several interviews brought to ipXchange by Memorysolution, Eamon chats to David Marks, Head of Sales Industrial, about how this very different distributor can help engineers secure their industrial-grade memory supply chain and even preselect devices to suit the needs of your projects, whether its for a long-term production run or something more spur-of-the-moment.

Unlike many distributors, Memorysolution focusses purely on what its name suggests – in addition to some IT and custom server solutions for its other business units – rather than the full range of electronic components. This enables its team to have a deep and up-to-date understanding of what is happening in the memory market and the standards that should be adhered to for long-term supply.

The broad range of suppliers that Memorysolution offers also helps in its agnostic approach that focusses on meeting the needs of a customer project rather than pushing devices from a specific manufacturer.

Memorysolution also firmly believes in second-sourcing so that customers can have a reliable supply chain without the need to dramatically alter product designs over the course of a product lifetime while in mass production.

While Memorysolution supports customers coming to it with component end-of-life issues for end products that have already been brought to market, by partnering with this distributor at the start of your design journey, Memorysolution can ensure you’ll have compatible memory chips for as long as you need them.

If you enjoyed this discussion and want to partner with Memorysolution to secure your industrial memory supply chain and gain access to new memory devices such as those from Exascend – two interviews coming soon – apply for a consultation by using the form on the board page, and get partnered with Memorysolution for years to come.

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Memorysolution Industrial Memory Device Supply Chain Resilience Consultation

Working on a long-term project and want industrial-grade memory that will last the complete lifetime of your production cycle, without the need for tedious redesigns?

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