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Shrink storage and RAM footprint with ePOP ICs

Memory ICs for wearable devices just got a whole lot more integrated. BIWIN’s memory packaging technology saves you from sacrificing capacity and functionality!

In another exciting interview from Embedded World 2024, Guy chats with Kevin from BIWIN about two exciting memory products: BIWIN’s industrial eMMC chips and BIWIN’s ePOP (e-Package-On-Package) devices that combine eMMC and LPDDR into a single package for great space savings in compact end products.

As Kevin explains, BIWIN’s industrial eMMC chips are well suited to operate in harsh environments with a wide temperature range. The chips themselves are specified for use in -40˚C to +85˚C.

These eMMC ICs also pack in a wealth of other features, such as an in-built cache memory, an advanced power management system for the most efficient operation, and fast sequential read/write speeds of up to 270 MB/s and 230 MB/s respectively.

Key application areas include specialist mobile devices, medical devices, industrial PCs, and logistics.

The ePOP memory takes the capabilities of BIWIN’s consumer-grade eMMC memory (specified for -20˚C to +85˚C operating temperatures) and adds LPDDR4X in a single compact package.

The result is a high-performance, high-capacity (32 GB + 16 Gb) device that is perfect for portable and wearable devices, with a low power consumption to match.

The typical package size is 12 x 13 x 0.7 mm, with a slightly more compact ePOP solution for integrated LPDDR3.

BIWIN is one of a few companies that are able to produce such highly integrated memory devices for embedded applications, so learn more about its eMMC and ePOP memory devices by following the link to the board page below. If you’ve got a commercial application where compact memory is a must, apply to evaluate this technology today!

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