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Industrial-grade portable SSDs for easy retrofits!

Wait…there is a solution for industrial-grade external SSD memory?!

ipXchange was super excited to bump into our friends from Hagiwara Solutions at Embedded World 2024, where they teased the release of a new memory device that could change the game for industrial storage: the P500H-series industrial-grade external portable SSDs!

As Christin explains, the current market only offers consumer-grade devices for portable SSDs (Solid-State Drives), which means that easy-access external devices are risky in industrial settings where customer-grade SSDs are not designed to operate.

With AI-enhanced inspection on production lines using HD video feeds, the P500H-series SSDs present a great solution for industrial memory retrofits to support all that extra data – each can store up to 4 TB with speeds up to 10 Gbps! Alternatively, they can be used in any setting where easy access to memory is required for swapping, for example in diagnostic and security systems.

Hagiwara Solutions’ new drive is specified to military-grade resilience against shock and vibration, and this is additionally supported by the screw-on USB cable for connection to a host system and threaded mounting holes on the chassis.

The P500H-series SSDs are expected for release before the end of 2024, so learn as much as we know so far by following the link to the board page below, where you can apply to be first in line for samples for your industrial application.

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Hagiwara Solutions P500H Series Industrial-Grade External Portable SSD

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