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Faster than NOR flash and more reliable than eMMC: Hagiwara Solutions’ embedded SD memory 

In our first interview post from Engineering Design Show (EDS) 2023, ipXchange chats with Wang from Hagiwara Solutions, who came all the way from Tokyo, Japan to promote their wide range of memory devices. That said, it was their eSD (embedded SD) devices that caught our eye, so we had to get the scoop as we’ve not yet seen anything like this from SanDisk, Transcend, or any other big names in memory. 

As Wang explains, eSD works as a forward thinking, more stable replacement to eMMC devices in embedded applications – particularly in industrial applications – with great performance in vibration and electromagnetically noisy environments. This is in part thanks to the direct attachment to the board, as opposed to sitting in a standard removable SD card slot, which also makes eSD great for robotics applications where vibration or an unforeseen knock could dislodge non-embedded SD storage – this technology would have been great for the robotic footballers at Maker Faire Rome! 

For mobile devices in particular, Hagiwara Solutions’ eSD memory is a perfect replacement for eMMC memory as these end products are designed with SD memory storage in mind, so why not put it straight on the board, in addition to having removable storage? 

Hagiwara’s eSD devices are available in 1-, 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-GB capacity options, supporting up to 208 MHz (104 MB/s) operation and using a JEDEC standard industrial 100-ball BGA package for direct replacement on existing boards that use eMMC.  

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what these devices have to offer – especially as a faster replacement for NOR flash used as boot memory, with the combined functionality of NAND flash – so learn more about Hagiwara Solutions’ eSD memory products by following the link to the board form below, and if you want to try it out for your next commercial project, ipXchange will be happy to get you connected. 

Keep designing! 

Hagiwara Solutions Industrial-Grade eSD (Embedded SD) Memory

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