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A 1-TB automotive-grade SSD in a BGA package?!

Need a high-capacity memory device that can take the punishment of potholes or industrial settings? Exascend presents you with a compact SSD that you can solder directly to the PCB so that vibration will never be an issue.

In another Memorysolution partner video at Embedded World 2024, ipXchange chats with Frank Chen from Exascend about the AS500-series automotive-grade BGA SSDs. These won Embedded Computing Design’s Best In Show Award, so let’s see what makes this memory solution – all puns intended – so special!

As Frank explains, this ultra-compact BGA package contains the memory controller and up to 1 TB of NAND flash memory with a resilience that enables a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 2 million hours – that’s over 228 years!

Exascend has also built these devices to consume less than 3.5 W when fully active and moving sequential data at 5 GB/s.

This makes the AS500 series perfect for automotive infotainment systems where you can store hundreds of movies, for example, or anything from maps to songs.

With very few BGA SSD providers out there, due to the difficulty of shrinking memory technology to this size, Exascend is quite the disruptive entry to the Micron/Samsung-dominated market. This is especially true when you consider that Exascend develops the hardware and firmware for its products from the ground up.

For engineers wanting to test this technology, Exascend provides M.2 cards with its chips on board for easy evaluation.When it comes to design integration of the chips themselves, Exascend supports its customers in this process to ensure the high performance and reliability is maintained.

Whether you’re working in automotive, aerospace, transportation, industrial, or even edge computing and IoT, learn more about the AS500 series by following the link to the board form below and getting started with this disruptive technology today.

In part 2, we’ll be exploring some even more robust memory solutions for the space market, so stay tuned, and as always…

Keep designing!

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