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Launching Exascend’s PR4 radiation-hardened SSDs

In space, it’s very hard to keep your memory cool… Good thing that Exascend has slashed the power consumption by half!

In ipXchange’s second chat with Frank Chen from Exascend – brought to you in partnership with Memorysolution – we move over from automotive and discuss some radiation-hardened memory for use in space!

As Frank explains, this new line of Exascend products comes in the wake of new space startups, who are sending up satellites to support various applications from research to IoT communications.

The main issue with placing a product in outer space is that once it is up there, there is no way of changing or fixing the product in the event of failure. Space is also a vacuum, meaning that thermal management of components is very challenging – convection will obviously not work.

This means that low-power memory is a must for space applications, both from a thermal perspective, as well as due to the power budget constraints of systems that will mainly function using harvested solar energy.

To support this, Exascend’s radiation-hardened devices are the lowest-power U.2 and E1.S memory solutions on the market, consuming <7.5 W at 3 GB/s and <1 W at idle. This is less than 50% that of competing technologies.

Exascend’s PR4-series SSDs also integrate several other important features such as conformal coating, underfill for additional resilience against shock and vibration, and Exascend’s Neutron Sheild 2.0 technology. This corrects bit flips due to radiation bombardment and ensures reliable operation throughout your mission lifetime. It also enables the SSD to go into ‘safe mode’ in the event of critical situations.

Though the PR4 series is available in easy-to-evaluate form factors supporting up to 15.36 TB capacity, Exascend can also create mission-specific solutions for certain installation requirements. Follow the link to the board page below for more information, and apply to evaluate this technology today.

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Exascend PR4 Series Radiation-Hardened SSDs

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