Exascend PR4 Series Radiation-Hardened SSDs

Exascend’s PR4 series of SSDs provide space, industrial, and other high-reliability applications with a radiation-hardened solution for up to 15.36 TB storage and a sustained performance of 3 GB/s at <7.5 W.

This low-power operation is particularly well suited for space mission, where thermal management is challenging and power budgets are constrained. The idle power consumption is <1 W.

To protect data and firmware against radiation-induced bit flips, Exascend’s Neutron Sheild 2.0 technology features dual-copy protection and can transition the device into safe mode in the event of severe radiation events. When safe, the system will reset any fatal errors or firmware corruption to ensure proper operation for the duration of the mission. Neutron Shield 2.0 also safeguards against power loss.

Conformal coating and underfill technology protect the PR4 devices against humidity changes, shock and vibration to ensure the memory is not damaged during launch. Exascend also integrates several thermal, power, and security systems to improve performance.

Key specifications include:

  • PCIe 4.0 / NVMe 1.4 interface
  • Several standard form factor options:
    -> M.2 (2280, 2242) – 960 GB to 7.68 TB
    -> E1.S – 960 GB to 7.68 TB
    -> U.2 – 960 GB to 15.36 TB
  • Sequential read/write up to 3500 MB/s (form factor dependent)
  • Random read/write up to 500,000 IOPS (form factor dependent)
  • Operational temperature from -40°C to 85°C
  • 10 G vibration resilience (peak, 10-2000 Hz)
  • 50 G operating shock resilience (11 ms duration, half sine wave)
  • 1500 G non-operating shock resilience (0.5 ms duration, half sine wave)
  • 2 million hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

Exascend also provides its PR4 memory in custom form factors to suit your mission if required. Fill out the form below to get connected with Exascend for evaluation of this technology through ipXchange.

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