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Save $3/unit & keep data intact after power loss!

Need to back up all your cache data in the event of a power loss event? Tuxera’s new Persistence Manager solution guarantees that your important data will never become lost or corrupted!

In the first of two interviews with Tuxera at Embedded World 2024, ipXchange chats with Marko Finnig about how to ensure that you don’t lose data when there is momentary power loss during a transfer or backup operation.

The key issue that Tuxera aims to solve is the loss of vital insights when a power loss event happens during data transfer. This can leave the file with missing information, partial data corruption, or complete unreadability.

Marko gives the example of moving data from a camera to an SD card during a car crash, but this scenario is applicable to many industrial and media applications that may suffer if there is a power dropout during operation.

While short-term power supply dropout can be solved by using, for example, a supercapacitor, these are often costly given that the power might need to be kept on for 30 seconds for the full file to be transferred correctly. This is due to how much data file systems typically store in the cache memory.

Tuxera’s Persistence Manager software enables designers to choose how much data is stored in the cache before being sent to long-term storage.

What this means in practice is that by setting the cache memory data limit to a much smaller amount than in conventional setups, the system can be configured to survive power dropouts that only require 2 seconds backup power in order to back up all the data – i.e. the last 2 seconds before a power-loss event.

For hardware engineers, Tuxera’s Persistence Manager enables them to move from the 30-seconds supercapacitor to a 2-seconds capacitor back-up power solution. This saves around $3 in component costs per file system within a product, and ensures that there will never be data corruption.

You can apply to evaluate this technology by following the link to the board page below. With money and data saved, what more could you ask for in an embedded data management system?

Keep designing!

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Need high-reliability data storage in your embedded system and want to save on cost for power-dropout mitigation systems?

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