Tuxera Persistence Manager Embedded Software For exFAT File System

Tuxera’s Persistence Manager works as an embedded software add-on for its exFAT file system, which provides robust, fail-safe data storage in many embedded applications, including automotive entertainment systems, digital video recorders, smart TVs, printers, and other devices that may suffer from data corruption if there is an interruption to the power supply during operation.

For media playback applications, this ensures that there are no audiovisual interruptions for files saved on portable memory solutions in the event of power interruptions.

For data acquisition applications, Tuxera’s Persistence Manager enables designers to configure the cache memory data threshold before data is moved to additional storage, in addition to arranging routine backups. This means that power-loss mitigation systems require far less time in order to shift data from the cache in the event of a power supply issue.

For example, a typical video recording file system may require 30 seconds to backup data in the event of power loss. This can be supplied by a supercapacitor and come at significant component-level cost. By reducing the cache memory threshold with Tuxera’s Persistence Manager, an engineer can shrink the required backup time to 2 seconds. This means that a much smaller capacitor can replace the supercapacitor for significant component cost savings.

Tuxera’s exFAT file system also features advanced file checking and repair tools to ensure the best robustness of data storage and guarantee that files do not become corrupted in the event of power loss during transfer.

Tuxera’s solution is compatible with many operating systems, host processing architectures, memory storage devices – with an emphasis on SD memory – and connection interface types. It can also run on resource-constrained embedded microcontrollers with as little as 16 kB of RAM if required.

Tuxera provides ready-to-run file system drivers and benchmarking tools to test this solution for use in your application. Fill out the form below with details of your commercial project, and ipXchange will get you connected with Tuxera for more information.

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