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Hailo’s M.2 card does gen-AI at the edge at 3.5 W

Wait…you can really do generative AI at the edge at a reasonable power consumption?! Yup. Hailo just brought out a new board…

In ipXchange’s first interview with Memorysolution’s partners at Embedded World 2024, Eamon chats with Jan from Hailo, a company that is all about power-efficient AI acceleration at the edge.

As with many edge devices, the key benefits of both of Hailo’s AI offerings is the ability to keep your data on the device for greater security and privacy. Hailo also offers this functionality at the best price per TOPS on the market today, so check out what Jan had to show us:

Hailo’s first AI accelerator chip, the Hailo-8, comes on an M.2 module for easiest system integration with standard host processors. It provides up to 26 TOPS at just 3 W power consumption, making it great for space-constrained systems that can benefit from AI inferencing, such as automotive condition monitoring – they’re certified!

Jan also shows us the Hailo-15 AI vision processor, which is a great solution for AI camera setups in applications like traffic and process monitoring. It offers up to 20 TOPS AI performance with 4K60 video processing for top-tier AI image characterisation with the same power consumption as a typical dedicated image processing SoC.

Lastly, Hailo’s new Hailo-10H comes in the same M.2 form factor as the Hailo-8 but is specially designed for generative AI at the edge, with 40 TOPS processing capabilities and a typical power consumption of 3.5 W!

Jan sees this device as a perfect fit for industrial user interfaces where natural language conversations for instructions would be an incredible innovation.

Hailo’s M.2 cards and single board computer evaluation boards make testing this technology a blast, so follow the link below to the user-defined board page for Hailo, where you can read a summary of these AI offerings and apply to evaluate this technology today.

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Looking for a solution for high-performance AI acceleration at the edge, including for generative AI workloads?

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